Meet Wayne.


ニュージーランド、オーストラリア、ブラジル、イギリスでの生活を経て、2019年からは日本に落ち着く。ニュージーランド人として初めて(南半球で2人目!)のAdvanced Level of Certified Sake Professionals (日本酒のソムリエのような資格)として認定されました。

石川県、佐賀県、岐阜県の酒蔵にて修行を積み、日本酒本、Demystifying Sakeを出版。

もちろんワインでもソムリエの有資格者。Court of Master Sommeliers認定ソムリエ資格取得。French Wine Scholarでは優秀な成績を修めDistinctionの評価を受けました。

2017年ニュージーランドソムリエオブザイヤー準優勝を受賞。その他、世界の優秀なソムリエを対象とした「2017年・Wine Australiaが選ぶ世界のソムリエ50人」や、「2018年・Family of XII(ファミリーオブトゥウェルブというNZのワイン醸造家組合)による特別トレーニングプログラム」の代表にも選抜されました。




Meet Trevor.

Over his career British born Executive Chef Trevor Blyth has worked with some of the world’s best chefs in some of Europe’s most acclaimed kitchens. He has won awards in Japan for his unique and individual approach to cooking.  Although classically trained and passionate about the art of French gastronomy, Trevor’s interest and appreciation of cooking from around the globe, in particular his knowledge and understanding of Japanese cuisine, have enabled him to develop a truly unique style of cooking. His previous restaurant, The White Fox, was listed in the Top 5 contemporary restaurants in Japan for six years running in the Miele Guide, and NHK even produced a book and TV program about his innovative cooking style. 

Trevor has also cooked special event dinners for the past 3 British Ambassadors at the British Embassy Tokyo and appeared several times as guest chef on the NHK World Delicious Japan television program, (NHK English language service).

We look forward to showing you Trevor's delicious dishes at Rangitoto Tokyo

5 minutes walk from Ochanomizu Station

東京都文京区湯島3丁目1−12 ヒルサイド御茶ノ水B1

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photo credit : Casey Horner